Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Master Bedroom Changes...

Here is the cabinet I painted over the weekend...still loving the halcyon green!  And yes those are fake flowers...I have a sickness I tell you...  :)

 My cherished pictures {thanks molly!}
 The girls love jumping on the bed!  If only I wasn't so OCD about it!  :)
 We got new lampshades...I won't even show you the ones we had before {let's just say they had beads and I've already said too much!}
Plus we finally found bedding that we both liked!  Amazing I know... we still need to find white pillow shams to complete the look... and maybe an actual bed {head & foot board} that will have to come later...much later...hubby informed me last night that he wants to buy a friends vw bug that he is selling {I actually cried when he told me...didn't help my cause} this thing sounds horrific!  But...hubby deserves/needs a project so I will be the supportive wife!  I love you my amazing hubby!



  1. Oh my gosh! Your bedroom looks unbelievable. What a transformation with the cabinet color, new bedding and shades. I just love it! Amazing!

    I think you knew a bug was coming...and not just the bugs we smash or throw outside. I don't think it will be as bad as you think...men need something to tinker with besides our bodies...(:

  2. Knowing my brother- it won't be a project for too long. You know he won't let anything sit around unfinished! i bet it'll be up and running by summer- and this will all just be a bad, distant memory.

    (BTW- i would have cried too). :)

    LOVE the bedroom. Can you come do my house next?

  3. Oh Maris, you're a good wife :) Your projects look amazing as always and of course your welcome for the photos. :)