Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hi...I'm still here...

Hi!  Sorry for my absence...I have been dealing with two sick little ones {I'm very tired!} It is no fun sleeping in a twin bed with a toddler that is a bed hog! 

Anyhoooooo...funny story...we bought a nice/expensive {hubby's idea} Nikon camera over a year ago and still have not figured out how to use it.  All the pictures I have posted of our house have been taken with a little cheap~y camera {that I know how to use...can't knock it too much}  So, I finally decided to bring out the  fancy camera {none of them have been photo shopped...that is still to come} and give it another try...tell me what you think...

 I {heart} this fan!
 Yes...fake flowers...shame on me!

 I painted the stool again...wasn't loving the yellow
 The top of the tv cabinet is changed once again...{I do this kinda stuff all the time}

 We painted the mirror above the bed and I love it!!!  A nice soft blue/gray
I have been sewing a ton!  I have more pics of the craft room and the goodies I have been making...I will get those posted soon!  Thanks for stopping by...



  1. Good for you to use the new camera because the color in these photos is incredibly true to the color and I love how they show a border. They are just excellent pictures. Looking forward to seeing the new projects! Hope you are catching up on your rest Boo. mom