Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Fabric Headboard...

What do you think?
Here is a close up...not bad considering it was our first!

This was actually pretty simple to make!  The hard part was deciding on the fabric {looks a little more creamy in the pics def. more neutral in person} It makes the bed feel a lot more cozy!  Hubby, myself, and bird {very sick last night} enjoyed the "new" bed...  Now I better to tend to a sick little bird... have a great Sunday!



  1. Yeah it looks great! That was so quick. Get well Add :(

  2. Fantastic! So, so nice. You two should be so proud of what you've done. Goes to show one does not have to spend a lot of money to get something that looks great and works.

    Papa and granma are wishing G a quick and speedy recovery...we love you G so much.

  3. It came out so great!!! Time to start taking orders!! :)