Saturday, March 26, 2011

Finishing Projects and Exciting News...

Happy Saturday!  I will start with the exciting news first...I'm gonna be an Auntie again to a little baby boy!!!  My sis in law just found out the sex of the baby and we are sooooo excited!  Now she will have two boys and we have two girls {perfection!}  Now we just have to wait for him to finish cookin' :)

I finally finished the alphabet banner for Beanie's preschool and I can't wait to take it in and hang it up {will share pics Monday}  So happy that lil project is done!  I have been busy sewing pillows and placemats.  I added a new pillow to our master plus changed the bedding a little {much better!}  I have come to the realization that I like solid colored bedding {no prints}...but will make what I have work!  Take a look...

 Our little reading nook...
 I used the old comforter along with the new Shabby Chic... {cannot seem to make those pillows look fluffy in pics} They are great in person!
 Close up... plus a new globe {got for a steal!!!}
 Yaaaaayyy it's done!
 I {heart} Amy Butler fabric!
I have a mild obsession with pom pom trim...can you tell!?!

I also figured out a way to use the old builders chandelier that we took down {replaced by a Pottery Barn beauty...thanks mom and dad} in the dining room and moved it into the entry.  I was able to take off the ugly glass covers and move the arms so they face up towards the ceiling {I hope this is making sense}  I will show you pics a soon as I get new light bulbs for it.  The light it puts off is stunning!  I love the change!  

Ok...I think that is all I have for right now...have a great weekend!  Spring break is almost over {thank goodness!} we are ready for school!  We are off to a birthday party...happy birthday cousin Kellie!!



  1. Your pictures are so good! I love the globe on your dresser; really a great look. AND, I CAN'T WAIT to see the new light in the entry way...what a great idea! And, again, I have to say, your blog is so much fun...your narrative and pictures are just a delight to read and look at. m

  2. It all looks so pretty Maris!!