Saturday, March 12, 2011

Busy with home Projects!

Hi!  We have a full weekend of catching up on house projects!  Since the drapes are at the cleaners we are finally going to finish painting to crown molding that we put up last year {we are aware that we are 80% ers...haahaa}  It will be so nice to have that project finished!!!

 I decided that the white chairs I just painted needed to be distressed a little more and I'm very pleased with the outcome!  I applied a little more pressure with the palm sander and took it down to the natural light wood {instead of the almost black wood} Looks much better!

Next up hubby and I will be making a fabric headboard for our bed  :)  We went to the fabric store last night and picked up some supplies.  Next is the trip to Home Depot then we can begin...can't wait to show you!

Last week I picked up a sample size of Martha Stewart paint {cornbread}and used it on the kitchen stool.  I have applied one coat and will add one more than distress a it is with one coat...

I made some changes to our guest is now a sewing/craft/guest bedroom.  I had been storing all my sewing supplies in the downstairs cabinet and setting it up on the dining room table when I needed {got to be a pain in the bum} so now it is always out and ready for when the mood hits :)  Here are a few pics... I have a few more things to change around but thought you might like to see a peek...

The pictures don't do it justice...looks a lot better in person!  You get the idea...  Have a great weekend!



  1. Wow Bear! I can't wait to see the headboard. Maybe we'll commission you two to make one for us! Love the yellow and the guest room/sewing room looks great!

  2. Great pictures M! And I love the yellow on that stool. I want that color; not sure what I am going to paint, but will find something....actually I'm sitting in front of my tv cabinet and I think that might look pretty good...your dad will shoot me...can't wait to see the headboard.

  3. Oh...and I love the pictures of the girls!

  4. Check you out, Maris! You are on a roll, my friend! It all looks fab...of course!

  5. Sure... MAYBE you are just 80 percenters, BUT with the sheer VOLUME of stuff you do, even at just 80%, you accomplish WAY more than the average Joe!! Good job, always!!