Thursday, March 24, 2011

We have eggs!!!!!!

It's a long story so I will share the cliffs notes version with you...

Finally, after a year of raising chickens we have eggs!!!  These two eggs have cost us approximately $800!!!  No...that's not a typo!  We have learned a lot about raising chickens/eggs by trial and error.  First we raised two roosters {the girls loved those little guys!} obviously we had no idea they were roosters till we noticed we weren't getting any eggs and they were making a lot of noise at 5:00 in the morning {haaahaa}.  So, off they went to our friends farm. 

Then my husband found a lady nearby that was selling some of her chickens so we loaded up the girls in the pouring rain and picked out our new chickens...they were the ugliest chickens we had ever seen but neither my husband or I had the guts to tell the lady we didn't want her ugly chickens.  The experience did provide some comical relief...I almost wet myself watching my hubby chase chickens in the mud!  Where was the video camera when you need it!?! {We got totally ripped off...learned yet another lesson the hard way}

So...not even two weeks go by and I notice one morning that Laverne {we named them Laverne and Shirley...loved that show!} was laying down on her side by the nesting boxes {not normal}.  I go outside and take a closer look and what do you know the damn chicken is DEAD!  Of course the little ones are always two steps behind I tell them that the chicken is taking a nap and immediately call my husband at work.  The next day we tell the girls that Laverne flew off {I know it's bad to lie people but what would you say to a 4 and 2 year old about their "pet" dying!?!} 

Months go by and still no eggs!  That was until yesterday when my hubby found two perfect little eggs in Shirley's nesting box!  Somehow it makes it all worth it!

~Mar {aka scared to death of birds...go figure!}
 Chicken says what?
Hubby built this amazing chicken coop!  Will be expanding soon.