Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Monday!

We had a busy but great weekend!  I just love my hubby!  He took me to get some new clothes {amazing huh...?}  I have been in need of new clothes for a long time... my wardrobe consists of yucky grandma sweaters, sweatshirts, and t~shirts that somehow all have holes in them {stupid counter tops!}  One of the only down sides of being a stay at home mom is that you start to get a little frumpy!  The kids aren't old enough to tell you that you look like crap {yet...}, you have no work dress code, the only place you are seen is at preschool and Target :) and they're not saying anything!  So, I have made a vow to try to take better care of my appearance {for myself, the girls and hubby}!  I'll keep you posted!

 Beanie took this pic :) {looks like I need new jeans too...}
 Grammy wanted to see the girls' cute pig tails
 Yes...bird is in her swimsuit
 I also painted to downstairs vanity white...phewwww I'm done painting for awhile!
Hope you all had a great weekend too!  Have a great Monday!


Friday, February 25, 2011

I'm in love... {with paint}

I'm in love with this paint color {halcyon green}!  I just applied the second coat to the dresser and I will post those pics later on...but what do you think of the tv cabinet?  It's amazing how paint can transform a space!  The color shows more blue tones once its applied and it is a nice subtle shade {not to turquoise~y}  This is just what that living room wall needed!  Hope you like!!!

 {heart} vintage yellow train case!

 Long story about these mini curtains...Just fixed with pom pom trim and love it!
 {Is this better mom?}
All seams are now finished :)

Ok, now I better spend some time with beanie and bird :)


Snow day...

We had just enough snow yesterday that school was canceled so we had all day to hang out and play.   Plus grammy and papa came to visit which is always fun!

 Took 15 minutes to get them dressed to only play outside for 10...
 It's the simple things...
 Beanie said snow is her favorite dessert :)
 Grace trying a little taste
So sweet...grammy captured this moment

I also painted our tv cabinet and dresser in our bedroom a fun color{yes I said color}.  I chose a color that The Nester used on a couple pieces of her furniture {Halcyon Green by Sherwin Williams} was a total leap for me and I'm so glad I did it!!!  I have one more coat to put on the dresser then I will post some pics hopefully later today...


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More changes and an art project...

So...what do you think of the new blog layout?  Amazing huh?  My fab sis~n~law works her artist magic again!  I'm so lucky to have her!  H you are wonderful!

I moved a couple things around the house today...I have always had a problem with the top of the tv cabinet.  I fixed the plant so it sits down a little more {much better} and changed the clock, now there is more contrast.  The pictures don't do it justice but at least you get the idea :)  Now I have to talk Mr. Fix~it into letting me paint the cabinet...more to come...

 The girls started another craft project.  We went to Joanne's last night so they could pick out some wood cutouts to paint.  They chose to get wood eggs {Easter stuff is already out} plus boxes and butterfly coat hangers {saving for another day}  Here are beanie and bird painting their cute!
 Yes, I know it's winter time but bird loves her swimsuit!
 Beanie looks just like her daddy when she is concentrating!

The final product multi colored polk a dot eggs...gotta love em'

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy Weekend!

A quick post to wish u a happy weekend {little one is sitting on my lap & getting antsy}  We went to a high school basket ball game last night {girls team} and had a wonderful time!  Hubby's good friend is the coach and it was their last game of the season so it was packed!  We have decided to go to more school events... it's cheap/free, we all enjoy it, and the girls love the band!  A great way to spend a Friday night!  I took out the camera to start taking pictures and the battery light started to flash... darn it!  Sorry no pics...her are a couple pics that make me happy...


Friday, February 18, 2011

A Confession...

You all know my love of fake flowers {I know some think they are tacky and I agree most of the time but I  love the soft white/green tulips and hydrangeas}with that said... I have decided to move on.  Instead using something with substance and meaning.  All of the flowers have come down and now comes the hard part of filling their space!  I would love to have fresh flowers but they get very spendy {can't wait for the farmers markets to open}!   I have filled one space that I find very hard to decorate... the top of the tv there is a live plant :)  It's a young plant and I know I will love it once it fills in a bit more. 

Another item I'm looking to decorate with are vintage globes.  I love all the muted color plus the fact that we can learn from them.  I'm now on the search.  Let me know if you find any while you are out and about :)


baby plant...
 {Pleated Poppy}
 {heart} the muted blues
 {Country Living}

Thursday, February 17, 2011


We have had a busy week!  The girls had a field trip to jj jump {had a great time and thankfully no barfing this time...long story}  It is really hard to get a decent picture at that I don't have any to share...sorry.   There was a little hiccup before the fun started though.  The person that runs the venue forgot that she had a ton of kids it was pouring down rain we had to hang in the car until she arrived.  We made the best out of it :)

The girls missed gymnastics last week since little one was under the weather, so we did our make up class yesterday afternoon.  I love watching them...I always end up laughing out loud cause they are so darn~it cute! 

Today was spent running errands, another gymnastics class, and school...pheeeewww! Grammy and Papa came for a yummy dinner plus we had an extra handsome nephew!  We had a great night! 


Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Hope you are enjoying your Valentines Day! Here are a few pics from our day...

 Mc~D's playland for breakfast {don't judge}
 Painting valentines goodies
 Tons of sticker fun!
 Making envelopes for all their goodies @ school
 I just love her!
Happy Valentine's Day Bean!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Busy Weekend...

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days...we have had a busy weekend!  My husband had two of his childhood buddies in town from North Carolina and they ended up staying the night {it's funny to watch your husband act like he's 19 again..haaahaa} It was great to see them!  We love and miss you Mike and Brian!!!

Saturday went like a flash recovering from a few to many glasses of wine/beer the night before {goes back to the acting like you are 19 then realizing the next morning that you are actually in your 30's} and running errands.

Today was spent with the little ones making valentines for school and crafting while hubby was at a union meeting. My oldest made all 18 of her valentines this year {they turned out fab!} Then my wonderful sis n law, her hubby, and handsome nephew came over for dinner.  What a great weekend!  Here are a few pics...


 Brian, Mike, and Cute Hubby
 Hundreds of heart stickers :)
 Starting to get tired...
Love the cute tape!

 Made this last minute v ~day banner out of paper and rick rack...
 They love these mailboxes!  All of their valentine's fit in these...score!

 Perfect height for them to get into
 sorry... posted twice and can't figure out how to remove