Sunday, February 13, 2011

Busy Weekend...

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days...we have had a busy weekend!  My husband had two of his childhood buddies in town from North Carolina and they ended up staying the night {it's funny to watch your husband act like he's 19 again..haaahaa} It was great to see them!  We love and miss you Mike and Brian!!!

Saturday went like a flash recovering from a few to many glasses of wine/beer the night before {goes back to the acting like you are 19 then realizing the next morning that you are actually in your 30's} and running errands.

Today was spent with the little ones making valentines for school and crafting while hubby was at a union meeting. My oldest made all 18 of her valentines this year {they turned out fab!} Then my wonderful sis n law, her hubby, and handsome nephew came over for dinner.  What a great weekend!  Here are a few pics...


 Brian, Mike, and Cute Hubby
 Hundreds of heart stickers :)
 Starting to get tired...
Love the cute tape!

 Made this last minute v ~day banner out of paper and rick rack...
 They love these mailboxes!  All of their valentine's fit in these...score!

 Perfect height for them to get into
 sorry... posted twice and can't figure out how to remove


  1. So fun!! Love the valentines and banner, darling as always! (and I can relate to the maybe having a little too much to drink and feeling like I was back in college...I may or may not have had an "instance" myself the other day...ay yi yi!)

  2. the only thing you're missing is a picture of Luke in Grace's PJ's. he wore them to bed last night proudly. ahahaha:)

    loved seeing pics of M&B.

    thanks for a yummy dinner!! XO