Friday, February 25, 2011

I'm in love... {with paint}

I'm in love with this paint color {halcyon green}!  I just applied the second coat to the dresser and I will post those pics later on...but what do you think of the tv cabinet?  It's amazing how paint can transform a space!  The color shows more blue tones once its applied and it is a nice subtle shade {not to turquoise~y}  This is just what that living room wall needed!  Hope you like!!!

 {heart} vintage yellow train case!

 Long story about these mini curtains...Just fixed with pom pom trim and love it!
 {Is this better mom?}
All seams are now finished :)

Ok, now I better spend some time with beanie and bird :)



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  2. The TV cabinet looks amazing! Good work! I'm surprised it stayed it's natural color as long as it did!

  3. WOW! What a beautiful transformation. Gosh, your pictures just look beautiful...great job! And, yes, thank you...the curtain looks fantastic! I knew you would come up with something...(:

  4. The Halcyon looks AMAZING in person... I can't wait to copy you... now to find the right piece of furniture to convert!!!

    I meant to comment on the pom pom trim the other day... I guess we got wrapped up in other conversation... imagine that ;)