Friday, February 18, 2011

A Confession...

You all know my love of fake flowers {I know some think they are tacky and I agree most of the time but I  love the soft white/green tulips and hydrangeas}with that said... I have decided to move on.  Instead using something with substance and meaning.  All of the flowers have come down and now comes the hard part of filling their space!  I would love to have fresh flowers but they get very spendy {can't wait for the farmers markets to open}!   I have filled one space that I find very hard to decorate... the top of the tv there is a live plant :)  It's a young plant and I know I will love it once it fills in a bit more. 

Another item I'm looking to decorate with are vintage globes.  I love all the muted color plus the fact that we can learn from them.  I'm now on the search.  Let me know if you find any while you are out and about :)


baby plant...
 {Pleated Poppy}
 {heart} the muted blues
 {Country Living}

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