Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yes...more pillows

Wasn't yesterday beautiful!?!  I love it when I can leave my front door open and let the sunlight stream through!  It got me motivated...I made a few pillows out of this beautiful blue fabric...take a look.

The girls got to go to their first high school basketball game last night {our neighbor friend is one of the coaches}.  They had a blast!  Both little ones loved the band and got up and danced every time they played.  Of course I forgot my camera...darn!  It's amazing how old one can feel when they step inside a high school!  I'm just doing a little math in my head {don't laugh} and oh my god...I've been out of school for 14 years!!!  Where does the time go, I don't feel that old!  Anyways... James and I had a great time too and we will definitely go again!  Have a great Wednesday!  Modern Family is new tonight :) yay!


 Love the pink and blue together!
 I {heart} Amy Butler fabric!
Beanie wanted her pic taken too :)

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