Thursday, February 17, 2011


We have had a busy week!  The girls had a field trip to jj jump {had a great time and thankfully no barfing this time...long story}  It is really hard to get a decent picture at that I don't have any to share...sorry.   There was a little hiccup before the fun started though.  The person that runs the venue forgot that she had a ton of kids it was pouring down rain we had to hang in the car until she arrived.  We made the best out of it :)

The girls missed gymnastics last week since little one was under the weather, so we did our make up class yesterday afternoon.  I love watching them...I always end up laughing out loud cause they are so darn~it cute! 

Today was spent running errands, another gymnastics class, and school...pheeeewww! Grammy and Papa came for a yummy dinner plus we had an extra handsome nephew!  We had a great night! 


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