Wednesday, December 19, 2012

HaPpY HoLidAys


We have been busy...I guess too busy to blog!  Thank goodness for my iphone or I would have no pictures!  If you know a trick to getting clear (non grainy) pics from you iphone could you please share! are the last couple months in pics...if it seems like Beanie isn't in very many it's because she is in school all day...I promise I love both my girls the same ;)

 thanksgiving at Grammy and Papa's

 beanie lost her second tooth at school and she got the sweetest little treasure box to hold her tooth!  She was elated for days!!!

 Buddy the elf has been keeping us entertained as we count down the days til Christmas.

 Cousin Luke and Bird went on a field trip to a wonderful Christmas Light Trail

 Hubby brought home fresh garland and wreaths from his makes our house feel so magical!  Thank you hubby!

I think we are all ready for the xmas festivities to begin...Happy Holidays!