Monday, November 25, 2013


We have been super busy this weekend!  
Most everything is still in progress but we are getting soooo much closer to completion!  

Here is what we've been up to over the last week...

below is the before picture of our office/mud room...
 We tore out the carpet as soon as we moved in hoping that beautiful hard wood would be underneath but boy were we wrong.  What we found was a horrible laminate probably full of asbestos so we wanted to cover it as soon as possible.  
Hubby was able to get his hands on incredibly durable floor tiles for an amazing price!  I spent the last week removing the fish wallpaper border then painted on Friday.  Hubby came home Friday night with the carpet tiles and installed them in an hour!  
Instant gratification!
 All that is left to finish in this room is:
*replace light
*scrape and paint all trim

 Last week I tackled the craft room... I painted, moved things around and added a slip covered sofa from World Market.
  Now it serves as a craft room and tv room...great space for the girls and their friends.
They still have plenty of space to be "artistic" aka messy!
Still to do:
*install new insulated cordless roman shades (in the mail)
*scrape and paint all trim

 Unfortunately, our chimney is in much need of repair.  
After getting a bid from a local company we decided that we should look at doing it ourselves.  Hubby got on the phone with friends and was able to find a mason contact that could assist hubby with the repair...because of this we are able to save thousands!  
This weekend hubby put up the scaffolding and removed all the brick and got it prepped.  
Next weekend it should be all fixed and usable!

 We are slowly making progress in the kitchen...

here is the before 
(not bad but not our style)..

peek at what we've been doing...

 We have removed all the dark tile, removed the upper cabinets in favor of open shelving, added the pot filler, added new lighting over shelves, added cabinet hardware, replaced all ceiling lights, and painted over the dark red.
Still to do:
*tile the entire wall with white subway tile
*replace laminate counters with concrete
*finish painting the window frames and trim
*replace electric stove top with a 5 burner gas top

On to the living room...
Sunday I added a couple more coats of primer to the left built-in and brick.  I will hopefully tackle the built-in doors this week and have the left side completely finished.

Hubby and I also started to tile the hearth...we will finish by grouting tonight!

Still to do:
*create wood mantel piece to cover top
*paint right built-in and finish left
*scrape and paint surrounding trim
*add wood burning insert

Hubby and I have had a lot of fun working on this house together!  
We have been very fortunate to be able to make this into our home that reflects our style!


Tuesday, November 12, 2013


We've been busy this week removing the rest of the river rock from the main floor...take a look at the BEFORE pictures (these are the pictures from the previous owners RMLS)...

 And here's where we are at today...still lots to repair and paint but 100 times better!

  Hubby removed all the river rock from the wall and the fireplace.  We were so happy to see the beautiful original brick still in tact.  The only sad part is that the top of the mantel has to be re done since they cut all the brick to make the rock sit flush with the rest of the front.  Still...we were thinking this would all have to be repaired.  All in all we are really pleased.  The drywall guy will be coming soon to fix the wall before I can paint and hubby and a friend have plans to make a beautiful wood mantel piece to cover the top section.  Hopefully this week I can start to paint the built-ins...we are going with a glossy white to match the rest of the trim in the house.
Hubby also found the original built-in doors in the garage attic and got one set's finally starting to look like the bungalow we so desperately wanted.

After a fresh coat of white paint and new hardware it's gonna look amazing!
 Over the weekend I went outside and chopped down the tree that was outside the left built-in window...
I can't believe how much more light comes through with it gone...AWESOME!
 Here is one picture of the dining room.  
You can see where the pellet stove used to be...
we are still waiting for the drywall guy to come back and finish fixing the hole.  Hubby put in the beautiful wood work all that is left to do is paint...
Can't wait to show you the finished product!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Our "New" Home

This post has been long overdue...
In April we bought a new house...yayyyyy!  
Let me back up a little...
  Hubby and I had a 5 year plan when we purchased the "new build" house back in in March we decided to put our house on the market thinking that it would be a few months until it sold...well the first person to look at our house made an offer and it was sold!  
We had only looked at a few houses thinking we had months to find we were very surprised when we had only 45 days to find a new home and move!  We knew that we wanted an old house that had tons of character, something we could fix up and make our own, and walk ability.  Hubby actually came across the historic house first and I totally dismissed it because the pictures didn't look too appealing but we decided to look at it anyway.  We both walked in and looked at each other and said "this is it".  It is a Historic Bungalow with tons of character, lots of yard/garden space,in a great neighborhood, and we can walk everywhere!  Every room needs attention and love!  
So follow us along as we turn this "new to us" house into a home!

here is an after pic...

below is one of the pictures from the listing
so far on the exterior we have..
*worked on the landscaping
*removed the heart shudders
*removed the "ginger bread" detailing from the screen door (still have to repair and paint)
*touched up front porch paint
*painted front door
*replaced lighting
*added an eye popping red mailbox
 Still to do...
*remove large hedge on side of house
*repair the chimney
*replace the worn out wood fence
*scrape and paint the house
*replace the front door window (the star window doesn't fit the bungalow style)
*paint the front porch 
*replace plexi glass on bottom of screen door

So...what do you think?
 We have done a ton of work on the inside too...
I will show the progress room by room...more posts to come!

And as if we weren't crazy enough...
We added to our Pete our newest golden doodle...
he was a very unexpected addition but so sweet!

Monday, January 7, 2013

YeAr of tHe PigGy bAnk

Happy New Year!

Well...the year has started off with a yucky cold that has made its way through our house...bummer! 

Hubby has been studying hard for his final apprenticeship exams...he takes the first two tomorrow and Wednesday!  Please send good thoughts his way over the next couple of days :)  I can't believe that we started this journey 5 years ago...and we are finally close to the end!  He has worked so incredibly hard and I can't even begin to tell you how proud I am of him!  He has the best work ethic of anyone I have ever known! 

Hubby-  Thank you for working so hard for our family!  We appreciate all the time and dedication you have put into getting through this long program!  We made it through...can you believe it!?! The girls and I love you so much and are so proud that you are ours!

Hubby has declared this the year of the piggy bank...we are going to save, save, save! Plus make smart money decisions that will benefit us in the future...

We have started off far we are:
*using a wool felt dryer ball...saving money by not buying dryer sheets
*writing a detailed grocery list and sticking to it!!! No extra trips to the store during the week!
*using cloth napkins 
*not eating can always find something to eat at home
*no more starbucks or dutch bros...sad but an easy way to save
*selling items on craigslist that we no longer need (have already made over $500) and putting into savings.
*not using the visa card...if we can't pay with cash then we can't buy it!

It's actually kind of fun finding ways to save money!

Also, we plan on contributing to the girls' college fund and paying a little extra on the mortgage to shorten the life of the loan. 

With that said...we are now held accountable to make it happen :)  Yay for the year of the piggy bank!!!  Do you have any new years resolutions?

Have a great week!