Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Our "New" Home

This post has been long overdue...
In April we bought a new house...yayyyyy!  
Let me back up a little...
  Hubby and I had a 5 year plan when we purchased the "new build" house back in 2008..so in March we decided to put our house on the market thinking that it would be a few months until it sold...well the first person to look at our house made an offer and it was sold!  
We had only looked at a few houses thinking we had months to find something...so we were very surprised when we had only 45 days to find a new home and move!  We knew that we wanted an old house that had tons of character, something we could fix up and make our own, and walk ability.  Hubby actually came across the historic house first and I totally dismissed it because the pictures didn't look too appealing but we decided to look at it anyway.  We both walked in and looked at each other and said "this is it".  It is a Historic Bungalow with tons of character, lots of yard/garden space,in a great neighborhood, and we can walk everywhere!  Every room needs attention and love!  
So follow us along as we turn this "new to us" house into a home!

here is an after pic...

below is one of the pictures from the listing
so far on the exterior we have..
*worked on the landscaping
*removed the heart shudders
*removed the "ginger bread" detailing from the screen door (still have to repair and paint)
*touched up front porch paint
*painted front door
*replaced lighting
*added an eye popping red mailbox
 Still to do...
*remove large hedge on side of house
*repair the chimney
*replace the worn out wood fence
*scrape and paint the house
*replace the front door window (the star window doesn't fit the bungalow style)
*paint the front porch 
*replace plexi glass on bottom of screen door

So...what do you think?
 We have done a ton of work on the inside too...
I will show the progress room by room...more posts to come!

And as if we weren't crazy enough...
We added to our family...meet Pete our newest golden doodle...
he was a very unexpected addition but so sweet!

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  1. oh you updated!! yay!! love that pete. he's sooo cute. i guess i better update my blog next. :) love the front porch and all the pumpkins!! XO