Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lucy's New Digs...

I have been hard at work getting Lucy's space all ready for her arrival {call me crazy...I do know it's a dog and not a child...} haahaa!  I just found out tonight that hubby has to work this weekend...yes, the weekend that we were supposed to pick up Lucy...so we are now going to pick her up this Thursday {3 days early!!!}  Will be sure to post pics just as soon as I can stop kissing her :)

We have a large space under the stair case that was originally a closet then I changed it to a play area for the girls {they loved it...but outgrew it} then I recently changed it to a cleaning supply/storage closet.  We were having a hard time figuring out a good home for her dog crate...then it struck me to use the supply closet.  I removed a few items and started making it feel cozy...I made a banner {it's an addiction I tell you!} and of course I had to add a chalkboard {cause you know all puppies need one...right?} I made some adjustments to the curtain to give more space and all that's left to do is make her a dog bed/blanket to go in the crate.

 I {heart} chalkboards...
 Nicey Jane fabric that I used for her dish mat
 Lucy's new digs...still have storage behind the curtain {bonus!}

 forgot to show the cute rug that is in front of her dog door...will show later :)
 Hubby made a gate to create a dog run...all we need to do is stain it to match the fence.
My first purchase once this stupid bet with hubby is over... {end of July...way to far away!} love the white dog food canister from Ballard Designs!

Finally figured it out!

Since blogging I haven't been able to figure out how to make my photos bigger...until last night when I messed something up and there it was...right in front of my face :)  I was playing around with photo size on the last post...now I know that xlarge is too big hence the giant cake in the previous post.  I think I got it now :)  Here are some misc pics in a larger size...better huh?
 beanie created another chick master piece!
 flowers from Trader Joe's
 hubby painted my old tool box this great blue...we will use it as our money box at the holiday fair...cute!
 making cupcakes for beanie's birthday...i love my mixer!
adorable cupcake liners from Martha Stewart...

Monday, May 30, 2011

Forgot to give a shout out...

Thank you Aunt Ediy for making the amazing birthday cake for our family party!  You are so talented...we love you tons!
 Love, love, love the seaweed!


 I used ribbon and stickers to make cute gift tags
 I {heart} chalkboards!
 Daddy and Beanie...melts my heart!
 Treat bags for Beanie's friends {thanks Heather for the way cute cards!}
 Got so many compliments on the cupcake toppers...so easy to make! 
Well...both parties were a great success {thank goodness!}  Beanie had a wonderful time at both of her parties!  Thanks to everyone who came and celebrated with us {i can't believe she is 5!?!}  We hired a magician who we have had the pleasure of seeing before...he was great...again!  I would hire him again and again...his name is Bob Eaton...I promise you you will not be disappointed! 

Now we have a little breather till next weekend when we pick up Lucy :)  Hubby and I {mainly hubby} built a dog run on the side of the house today...love it!  Will show pictures tomorrow of the new gate and the fabric pad I made for her food/water bowls {very cute} 

Happy Memorial Day!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Meet Lucy...

I just got a new picture from our breeder...meet Lucy :)  I can't even tell you how excited we are to bring her home...8 more days {8 long days...}  You will be seeing a lot of this little puff ball!  Hope you enjoy your weekend!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Getting Ready for "5"...

The last few days I have been getting the house ready for Beanie's 5th birthday.  We are having a family party Saturday then a friend party on Sunday...{with a magician...very exciting!} So...that's a lot to prepare for! 

Here are a few pictures of what I've been working on...
 Candy goody bags for friends
 Fab sis~n~law made these adorable thank you cards!  Bought mini clothes pins at Michael's
 Assembling cupcake toppers...so cute!  From Joanne's

 Martha Stewart Pom Poms...
Paper garland I made using a scallop paper cutter and then sewed together...easy and fast!  This is the first time I have sewn paper together and it was so easy!  I will take a close up picture later so you can get a better look.  I also have jars I have filled with candy that I will be setting out for little ones to grab.  I have to tell you...I have enjoyed working on getting Beanie's parties together...and I love seeing her face light up when she sees another craft item I have put together for her.  I will be sure to take more pictures once everything is all set up!  

Oh...another surprise...we are getting a dog!  I know most think we are crazy...but we are so excited!  We bring Lucy home next weekend!  She is so cute...my blog will be littered with pictures of her as soon as she comes home :)  

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Oh Sunny Day...

Hi...sorry for the lack of posts...things have been really busy around here!  Anywho...here are couple pics of our morning outside.  Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Laundry Room Touch Up...

Hubby and I painted the laundry room last weekend...{what builder builds a house marketed towards families and doesn't use washable paint!?!} anywho we had painted the ceilings last year and had extra trim/ceiling paint so we decided to use what we had.  I have to say it turned out great...much brighter and it didn't cost a penny!


Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Splurge...

 I had a great Mother's Day...hope you did too!  Hubby took me to my favorite antique market yesterday for an afternoon of shopping and champagne sipping.  Hubby had never been there before so it was a real treat to be able to show him.  We went with the intentions of buying old metal mason jar lids {to make soap pumps} until hubby found this gem!  He called me over and we fell in love!  It was priced so well and it was perfect!  We both imagined it in an old farmhouse kitchen...our next house :)  There are so many unique features...the bottom two drawers are huge...I can picture vegetables being housed in them.  It also has two cutting boards!!!  Eventually we will look into getting antique casters and possibly using it as a kitchen island {next house}...who knows...the possibilities are endless!  For now it sits in the entry...and looks pretty good there!  I moved the desk area to the opposite wall nook and I love it!!  Will post pictures later of the new nook.  This was a splurge for us {not the best timing but whatcha gonna do}...but we see it as a piece we will have forever...now what to put in it :)