Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Finally figured it out!

Since blogging I haven't been able to figure out how to make my photos bigger...until last night when I messed something up and there it was...right in front of my face :)  I was playing around with photo size on the last post...now I know that xlarge is too big hence the giant cake in the previous post.  I think I got it now :)  Here are some misc pics in a larger size...better huh?
 beanie created another chick master piece!
 flowers from Trader Joe's
 hubby painted my old tool box this great blue...we will use it as our money box at the holiday fair...cute!
 making cupcakes for beanie's birthday...i love my mixer!
adorable cupcake liners from Martha Stewart...


  1. You crack me up! So glad you discovered how to enlarge photos and...yes...they better to look at. AND tell Bean that Granma would like a chick picture for my house! I love them!!! m

  2. love the tool box/color!! have i mentioned i can't wait to see you guys next month?!! :)