Thursday, May 26, 2011

Getting Ready for "5"...

The last few days I have been getting the house ready for Beanie's 5th birthday.  We are having a family party Saturday then a friend party on Sunday...{with a magician...very exciting!} So...that's a lot to prepare for! 

Here are a few pictures of what I've been working on...
 Candy goody bags for friends
 Fab sis~n~law made these adorable thank you cards!  Bought mini clothes pins at Michael's
 Assembling cupcake cute!  From Joanne's

 Martha Stewart Pom Poms...
Paper garland I made using a scallop paper cutter and then sewed together...easy and fast!  This is the first time I have sewn paper together and it was so easy!  I will take a close up picture later so you can get a better look.  I also have jars I have filled with candy that I will be setting out for little ones to grab.  I have to tell you...I have enjoyed working on getting Beanie's parties together...and I love seeing her face light up when she sees another craft item I have put together for her.  I will be sure to take more pictures once everything is all set up!  

Oh...another surprise...we are getting a dog!  I know most think we are crazy...but we are so excited!  We bring Lucy home next weekend!  She is so blog will be littered with pictures of her as soon as she comes home :)  


  1. OH HOW I MISSED YOUR POSTS! sooooo cute. ALL OF IT! LOVE the martha pomps. I think you should leave them up all summer. :) Excited for Beanie's party and taking her to get her first "real" pedicure! i love being an auntie! XO

  2. Maris! I'm a bad friend, I'm several posts behind on your blog!! A dog?! What?!! The house looks darling, sad we're missing Addie's bday!!!