Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Splurge...

 I had a great Mother's Day...hope you did too!  Hubby took me to my favorite antique market yesterday for an afternoon of shopping and champagne sipping.  Hubby had never been there before so it was a real treat to be able to show him.  We went with the intentions of buying old metal mason jar lids {to make soap pumps} until hubby found this gem!  He called me over and we fell in love!  It was priced so well and it was perfect!  We both imagined it in an old farmhouse kitchen...our next house :)  There are so many unique features...the bottom two drawers are huge...I can picture vegetables being housed in them.  It also has two cutting boards!!!  Eventually we will look into getting antique casters and possibly using it as a kitchen island {next house}...who knows...the possibilities are endless!  For now it sits in the entry...and looks pretty good there!  I moved the desk area to the opposite wall nook and I love it!!  Will post pictures later of the new nook.  This was a splurge for us {not the best timing but whatcha gonna do}...but we see it as a piece we will have what to put in it :)



  1. SO awesome!! I LOVE Monticello and picked up a few things myself last time I was there. :) Too hard to resist!! Happy Mother's Day sweet friend, you are a beautiful mom inside and out and your girls are lucky to have you!! xo