Monday, May 30, 2011


 I used ribbon and stickers to make cute gift tags
 I {heart} chalkboards!
 Daddy and Beanie...melts my heart!
 Treat bags for Beanie's friends {thanks Heather for the way cute cards!}
 Got so many compliments on the cupcake easy to make! 
Well...both parties were a great success {thank goodness!}  Beanie had a wonderful time at both of her parties!  Thanks to everyone who came and celebrated with us {i can't believe she is 5!?!}  We hired a magician who we have had the pleasure of seeing before...he was great...again!  I would hire him again and again...his name is Bob Eaton...I promise you you will not be disappointed! 

Now we have a little breather till next weekend when we pick up Lucy :)  Hubby and I {mainly hubby} built a dog run on the side of the house it!  Will show pictures tomorrow of the new gate and the fabric pad I made for her food/water bowls {very cute} 

Happy Memorial Day!

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  1. Beautiful party decor, so chic!!! We had fun celebrating with you :) :) :)