Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Two Birds with One Stone...

I've been meaning to post this banana bread recipe that I found at The House Of Smith's blog...I made it last week and it was a hit!  I'm making it again tonight so we have something yummy to nibble on over the next few days.  I half the recipe only because I don't need that much bread around the house...{I would eat every last bite}!
Also...I came home yesterday from preschool to find a large Ballard Designs box on my front porch {I think I might have shrieked a little} Inside was my Mother's Day gift from my mom and dad.  For months my mom and I have been looking at the instant pendant adaptor kit from Ballard's to use on two of my can lights in the kitchen over the bar {total run on sentence...sorry}  To my surprise they were on my door step!  Of course I immediately opened the box and hung them up!  They are the easiest to install and they have transformed our kitchen.  
So...here is the Buttermilk Banana Bread Recipe {bottom of post} and a few photos of my new pendant lights...
 don't mind the messy kitchen...I just made the banana bread!

 Ready for the oven...
 Had to post this picture...hubby put Shirley on the swing set too...guess she like's it :)
You might have to magnify the pic to see the measurements...


  1. AWE.SOME. Happy Mother's Day Maris!!

  2. Oh my gosh the pendant lights look fantastic; so simple and an amazing change in the look and feel of your kitchen. AND LUVVVVV the Shirley picture with the girls in the background....too much!!! m