Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lucy's New Digs...

I have been hard at work getting Lucy's space all ready for her arrival {call me crazy...I do know it's a dog and not a child...} haahaa!  I just found out tonight that hubby has to work this weekend...yes, the weekend that we were supposed to pick up Lucy...so we are now going to pick her up this Thursday {3 days early!!!}  Will be sure to post pics just as soon as I can stop kissing her :)

We have a large space under the stair case that was originally a closet then I changed it to a play area for the girls {they loved it...but outgrew it} then I recently changed it to a cleaning supply/storage closet.  We were having a hard time figuring out a good home for her dog crate...then it struck me to use the supply closet.  I removed a few items and started making it feel cozy...I made a banner {it's an addiction I tell you!} and of course I had to add a chalkboard {cause you know all puppies need one...right?} I made some adjustments to the curtain to give more space and all that's left to do is make her a dog bed/blanket to go in the crate.

 I {heart} chalkboards...
 Nicey Jane fabric that I used for her dish mat
 Lucy's new digs...still have storage behind the curtain {bonus!}

 forgot to show the cute rug that is in front of her dog door...will show later :)
 Hubby made a gate to create a dog run...all we need to do is stain it to match the fence.
My first purchase once this stupid bet with hubby is over... {end of July...way to far away!} love the white dog food canister from Ballard Designs!


  1. The new Lucy digs are great M..you did such a good job. Love the mat and it will be easy to keep clean. And, am so impressed with the gate! Gosh, J did a great job...really, really nice! m

  2. #1 I still can't believe your getting a dog!
    #2 you made Lucy's space soooo cute!
    #3 Brennan will LOVE to meet and play with Lucy
    $4 You MUST get those dog canisters!! July is coming!!!