Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More changes and an art project...

So...what do you think of the new blog layout?  Amazing huh?  My fab sis~n~law works her artist magic again!  I'm so lucky to have her!  H you are wonderful!

I moved a couple things around the house today...I have always had a problem with the top of the tv cabinet.  I fixed the plant so it sits down a little more {much better} and changed the clock, now there is more contrast.  The pictures don't do it justice but at least you get the idea :)  Now I have to talk Mr. Fix~it into letting me paint the cabinet...more to come...

 The girls started another craft project.  We went to Joanne's last night so they could pick out some wood cutouts to paint.  They chose to get wood eggs {Easter stuff is already out} plus boxes and butterfly coat hangers {saving for another day}  Here are beanie and bird painting their eggs...so cute!
 Yes, I know it's winter time but bird loves her swimsuit!
 Beanie looks just like her daddy when she is concentrating!

The final product multi colored polk a dot eggs...gotta love em'


  1. Yes the blog really does look adorable! So do the girls!! That's amazing that G can sit and do that!!

  2. Love the new blog layout! I can't believe how big G looks already!! Those cute girls of yours, Maris!

  3. The new blog layout is great...excellent job H! I definitely like the new clock above the tv cabinet; the other clock kind of got lost (really didn't recognize that until it was changed).

    And, those girls, just love them.

  4. LOVE the new banner... it's PERFECT!!!