Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I {heart} my sis-n-law...

I have the most amazingly talented sis-n-law!  She is a fab graphics designer and this comes in very handy {forget having a doctor in the fam, this is way better}!  I'm on the board at my daughters preschool so I hear about all the things that need updated or re~designed and I immediately think of my sis!  She has been so giving of her time and talent and has created the most amazing posters, brochures, and handbooks for the "H" thank you for all that you have done for the preschool and for us!  You are wonderful, beautiful, creative, and the best auntie in the world!  We love you!


Here are some pics of the girls showing their artistic side :)


  1. oh gosh. you're too sweet and totally made me CRY! i am one of the luckies that really LOVE what i do. Plus i love you reaction when i transform stuff. you're a great ego-booster and a fabulously talented sis-in-law as well.


  2. The preschool brochure looks GREAT!! Thumbs up from the neighbor as well :)

    Always great to have artistic friends around!!