Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's the simple things...

It really is the simple things that make me the happiest!  On a whim the girls and I made homemade chocolate chip cookies last night {for daddy...who showed up as they were going into the oven...still a nice surprise!}  Let me tell's really hard keeping the little ones out of the cookie dough {raw eggs...yes I know mom!} especially when they see daddy taking a whopping spoon full...they got a little nibble {little things remember...} 

 Beanie loves to help!
 My heart is melting looking at this pic! And yes, bird is still wearing a swimsuit!
 So...tonight I have the house all to myself {yaaaaaa!}  While I write this post I'm listening to great music and enjoying a glass {or three} of wine :)  Like I said it's the little things!  I decided to make the cookies especially yummy and turn them into my favorite cream sandwiches!  Don't they look yummy!
 Added my chocolate chips!
Without mini chocolate chips...

I hope you are enjoying "your" simple things today...mine will continue with homemade nachos and a great night of tv watching {by myself :)}...



  1. Yes, it is truly the little things...we all need to be reminded of this...thank you. Once again love the pictures; my heart just melts. Hope your alone time was good for you; I know it is well deserved.

  2. It ALL sounds divine, the cookies, the wine, the alone time, etc.. ALL of it. (I've eaten cookie dough my whole life, its really the reason I even bake cookies and I've never once gotten sick from the raw eggs...they'll be fine). :)