Friday, August 5, 2011

A little Random...

 Long time no talk's been a very exciting week around little nephew was born Wednesday...Jack James and I'm in love!  He is absolutely wonderful!  I have forgotten my camera the two times I went to see him in the hospital...we will go again tonight and I promise not to forget it.  Tomorrows post will be all about Jack!

Until then here are some photos of our lazy {but fun} week...

Hubby was diagnosed with pneumonia earlier this week so he has been out of commission for awhile {on the mend now} 
I put my grandmas china in the hutch and I love the way it looks with all the white!
 I got out the face paint and painted rainbows on the girls' cheeks...they were so happy!
 Here is my fab sis n law a couple of days before Jack the baby bump!
 The girls spent one morning in their jammies and played games and colored on butcher paper that we laid on the floor...lots of fun!  Cousin Kelley stopped by and hung out with us {sorry there is no photo of sweet Kelley} the girls love her!
We also spent a couple days at the outdoor pool.  The girls had fun swimming in the foot deep pool while I caught a little sunshine...can't ask for anything better!

Hope you have a great weekend...I promise I will post some pictures of Jack tomorrow!

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