Saturday, August 27, 2011

End of Summer...

We have had a blast the last few days...the girls and I went swimming yesterday, had a great visit with Aunt Mindi and her we drove around looking at local garage sales {found a couple of great buys...will show later}, went to Home Depot to pick up stain for our fence...while we were there I had to show hubby this light that I had been drooling over for was on sale but there were none left...sad...but I asked just to make sure and the guy said he was out but we could buy the display for an extra 50% off!!!!  We got a beautiful chandelier that was originally $100 for $25!!!!  It is in the craft room and I love it {early birthday present from hubby}!!! I will take some pictures tomorrow when it's light outside.

This afternoon Beanie and I went to her friends birthday was a pool party...we had a blast!  They had a diving board and a large slide...beanie can't stop talking about it!

It's been a little when we haven't been in the pool we have been watching the Disney show Good Luck Charlie...the girls and I are a bit obsessed!  I love the set design and the mom...and the girls love the main girl "Teddy"'s a good family we fired up the Netflix through the Wii and starting watching all the past episodes...we are on 14 of 46 :)

Hope you are having a great weekend so far!

Here is a look at the set of Good Luck Charlie

{photo via Hooked on Houses}

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  1. That is sooo funny! we have been watching it lately too. I'll have to get it off netflix. But every time i see the outside shot of the house- i always think "Maris would LOVE this house!". hahaha