Thursday, August 11, 2011

{a yummy dessert}

The other night hubby cut up a couple of peaches and I remembered that I had some whip cream that I hadn't used yet...I put it in the mixer for a few minutes, then added some vanilla extract, and powdered tasted amazing {I've never made whip cream from scratch easy} we put the peaches in a ramekin and topped them with a ton of whip cream...we were all in heaven!  I love that something so simple can taste so wonderful!

The girls have spent a lot of time here...coloring, painting, cutting, and eating :)  We are taking it easy knowing that school is starting soon and life will be a little crazier...

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  1. M, it is so neat to watch you explore and use your imagination when cooking and all the other great things you are doing creatively. It makes me very proud. m