Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Productive Tuesday...

We have had a busy morning...now that school is fast approaching I have been spending more time helping out at Bird's preschool {I'm the board president}  I have to say... I love our preschool!  I love our teacher! I love the little house that our school is in!  It reminds me of my childhood and it makes me happy!

I have been meaning to make these cute luggage tags for our swimming bag and the girls' backpacks {can find free download at Jones Design Company...she is on my blog list}...so this morning I got everything out and made them...they turned out so cute!  All you need is the Scotch brand luggage tags {office section of market}, stamps for the names, and some ribbon.  
Super easy & cute!

 Both sides are super cute...hard to pick which one you want to show :)

 And of course...Lucy lounging...


  1. oooo i love those luggage tags! super cute!

  2. Oh, I just love the tags M! What a great idea and so user friendly. When I saw the one that said 'mom' I went, "oooooooh, for me?" Then the thunderbolt struck and realized...wrong mom...(:

  3. #1 of course your president :)
    #2 you are so clever, Maris!
    #3 I miss the pre-school :(
    #4 teacher Kellie IS great!!
    #5 I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!