Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I don't know what got into hubby and I last night but we decided to make pesto and blackberry jam...we had a beautiful full basil plant that was starting to wilt so we cut it all and made some yummy pesto...

Hubby and Beanie went behind the house and picked blackberries...we had more than enough to make we did :)  Of course the girls wanted to help...they went back and forth helping me with the pesto and hubby with the jam...we had a blast!


  1. You guys just amaze me...where does this all come from?! Jam...pesto...more are making such wonderful memories for your girls...I just love you all so much. m

  2. You guys are all too cute! Seeing these pics makes me heartsick that we missed you when we were there!! (Adam is STILL coughing, we're pretty sure he's had bronchitis since the day we were SUPPOSED to hang out w/ you guys). Next time for sure!!!