Thursday, September 1, 2011

A couple new goodies...

Here is the new chandelier we got for a steal!  I love the look it gives to the craft/guest bedroom! 

 We found this beautiful antique mirror for $10 at a garage sale last weekend...I have been wanting a larger mirror in the downstairs bathroom and this was perfect.  It has a little gold accenting which I'm not to keen on but hubby likes it so it will be saved from the white paint {at least for now :}

 The girls got to go to the kid salon yesterday and get there nails painted, a little make up, and hair styled...they had a blast!
 Beanie picked out her eyeshadow and the way she wanted her hair done...beautiful girl...tons of glitter of course...

 I can't believe how tiny Birds head is!?!   So darn cute!
Have a great week!

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  1. M, the pictures you are taking of your home decor look like they are right of a magazine...great job both with pics and decorating! Also, love the pictures of the, fun hair styles.

    We are getting ready to leave Bob and Sela's and heading to Baack's...90+ weather...oh, with you Sunday. m