Sunday, September 11, 2011


I had turned 22 two days before and took a few days vacation from work.  I remember sleeping in that dear friend/room mate was home too.  In the morning we would always turn the tv on to the Today show while we got ready for the day...that morning was different...I turned on the tv as usual but the pictures and the commentary we watched were horrific, emotional, and rushed.  We sat there together in my bed for a long time trying to comprehend what was going all seemed so chaotic and surreal!  How could this be happening...

We were glued to the tv all day...

I remember our large apartment complex having a gathering that night many people showed always gives me chills when I remember how quite and polite we were to each other... it felt like time had stopped and we were all family...all grieving over the same loss.

My heart goes out to the families who lost their loved ones...we will never forget!

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  1. yes I remember that very vividly. except that it was first your mom's voice coming over the answering machine that told us something was wrong. then we turned on the tv. Love and HUGS HUGS HUGS