Friday, June 24, 2011


The three of us girls are sick and we are starting to get cranky!  I took Bird to the doctor this morning and she got some "pink medicine"...she was happy after that!
Beanie is on the mend and has been a wonderful little helper with Lucy...she has been letting her out to go potty and praising her when she goes tinkle...a great puppy owner!
 To lift our moods we decided to make smoothies...this helped a ton!  My girls love smoothies!

 She looks sweet and innocent doesn't she...?
We all had smoothies in our initial cups{mine is upstairs so I had to use hubby's} the girls got to use the stripe straws for the first time and were all smiles as they drank their smoothies. 
Note to self...make smoothies more often!
Have a great weekend!

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