Monday, June 20, 2011

All over the place...

We had a very busy weekend!  { are not in any kind of order}...

On Saturday we went to visit a friends farm in Washington {fyi...puppies and 2 hour car rides don't go well together!} The girls got to ride a pony and had a blast!  We learned that Bird gets car sick when she is watching the tv {good to know!}. Our friends have an old farmhouse and were going to garbage this amazing milk glass light...hubby and I excitedly brought it home and started painting!  It turned out fab...great job hubby!  It's really hard to take a good photo when it's in a tiny space...hope you can get the idea of how beautiful it is!

Yesterday was father's day...{happy fathers day!} I found this amazing recipe at Baked Bree {love her blog!} it's a peanut butter pie {with mini chocolate chips}...knew hubby would love it!  It was so simple to make and was a crowd pleaser!  This was the start of a new tradition :)  Visit Baked Bree to see much better photos of the desert and for the recipe!

 The girls had a sleep over with grammy Saturday night after we got home from hubby and I went out for frozen yogurt then made a stop at Goodwill.  I found this perfect sized globe $4.99...couldn't pass it up!  We also picked up some more frames to turn into chalk/magnet boards. 

 Last week I ordered some baking supplies from Sweet Estelle's {totally recommend them...they were so friendly and efficient!} and had to proudly display the cupcake liners!  I got this idea from a photo I saw on Pinterest and knew I had to do it! 

 Here's the farmhouse light that we rescued...this picture does not do it justice {I could say that about all my pictures...I need to take a photography they offer a cliff's notes version...ha!}
 Now here comes some random...roses from mom's garden.  They have lasted soooo long!  Thanks mom!
Had the camera out and of course bird wanted her picture taken...melts my heart!

Anywho...thanks for reading my random/all over the place post.  Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. Oh I love the light fixture! What a score! And, that picture of Grace...I want that too! m

  2. Another globe!!!!!! The price was right...(: m

  3. Bird looks like she's growing up before my eyes!! Great finds, friend!! (did i introduce you to baked bree? isn't she so great?!)