Monday, June 13, 2011

Busy Weekend...Part 1

As I started writing this post...I realized this will have to be a 2 part~er...I have just too much info/photos to share for one post.

We had a very productive weekend once again!  Hubby and my dad built a fence to keep the dog out of the girls' play looks great...actually makes the space look bigger!  Hubby modified the dog run gate too...making it so Lucy can't get through :)  My mom and I bought some veggie plants and beautiful peonies  at the farmers market {will show pictures later of the raised the trellis' that hubby made}...will be in part 2

I have been wanting a file folder wall organizer {found one at Ballard...too spendy} so hubby made me one :)  Thank goodness for marrying a handy man!  We will add some pretty trim around it to finish it off but I wanted to show it off now...not bad huh?  We didn't have to buy anything...hubby had it all in the garage!

I have been busy sewing goodies for my friend...will get pics of that too as soon as I'm all finished {part 2}

Phew...that is all I have for now...will post part 2 very soon!


  1. Oh my gosh, I love the folder holder! Is it out of metal? Can't wait to see it...may have to special order me one?! And, the fence is amazing. It look so darn good. Really, really amazing! m

  2. with all the cool things you sew and the things Jimmy makes- you're going to need to start a shop! i'd totally order one of those folder things from you! :) it all looks awesome. XO