Sunday, January 30, 2011

Going Gray...

Hubby and I decided to paint our bedroom I have been looking through countless magazines and blogs to find the perfect gray {not and easy task}.  I have accumulated a very large list of grays to check out at the paint store.  Here are a few inspirational photos of what we have in mind...

{photos from decor pad}


  1. Two things to consider: A gray bedroom won't match a tan bathroom and, as gray as Oregon is during our long winters, it may not be the best color to pick one's mood up. I bet you are wondering about now how you can block my comment capability....(:

  2. Oh Maris, just reading the words "gray paint" makes me want to scream! I HOPE you have better luck that we did b/c I do think these photos look so pretty! I wanted my living room a PALE gray when we move here, it was painted numerous times before I had to switch the plan. Gray can EASILY look blue so when you pick out a paint, ask the people if it has blue in it, etc.. I think a lot of my problem was b/c of my dark wood moldings (versus white), it changed everything but all I know is my pale gray wouldn't happen and blue is SO not okay w/ me. I bought a million gray paint samples so feel free to email me and ask me about specific ones...I may or may not have some info on them. :) Good luck!!

  3. I love love love gray... As you well know! Room #1 is GREAT!! Especially if you could make it as tall as room #4!! Dreamy!!