Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday Night...

I heart Wednesday nights!  All of my favorite shows are on the same night and they don't conflict with eachother!!!  It all starts with Modern Family then Cougar Town and just added to the line up Blue Bloods.  The first two make me laugh so hard and wonder if they have a hidden video camera in my house :) and Blue Bloods is a great crime/drama {used to love Law and not so much...too many changes}.  I love me some Tom Selleck!  Plus a shout out to Donnie Wahlberg {I admit... I was a hard core NKOTB fan}

I was given "homework" from big sisters preschool {cutting out a few dozen hearts}so I'm trying the crank those babies out quickly before my shows start.  Happy Wednesday!



  1. you crack me up. I love MF and CT too!! so funny. but i've been a bit too consumed w/ Lost to watch anything else these days!!

  2. I *HEART* Tom Selleck

    I am awaiting the day we find a way to blog about Sam Elliott...