Friday, January 28, 2011

Fabric Love...

Late yesterday afternoon there was a knock at the door {probably my neighbor} but nope it was the UPS guy delivering my fabric and Scentsy goodies {I sell Scensty by the way}.  I love getting stuff in the mail!   I rushed to open the fabric box first.  I've never ordered fabric online before and I was a little curious to see it in person...all the prints are beautiful!!!!  I can't wait to start making more pillows, dish mats, and banners.  The dish mats are a new thing that I'm making {found out about them from Darby @ fly through our window} .  I have made two of them and love 'em!  I have a dishwasher but find that I have to hand wash a lot of things so it's nice to be able to set them on a dish mat instead of having to instantly hand dry the mats are so cute to look at.   I use two coordinating prints that I cut into strips then sew them together and add a white terry cloth towel for the bottom. They are very handy to have in the kitchen.

The second box was Scentsy goodies...I went out of my comfort zone and ordered fruity scents and I love them!  Normally we are all about the baked goods, cinnamon, home~y scents but it was sunny outside when I placed the orders so I figured why not try something different!  So happy I did!    Thank you to everyone who ordered!

Another mom made a new slipcover for my ironing board...take a look.   I'm so pleased with it, she did a great job! I had purchased a Shabby Chic duvet cover years ago from a posh boutique on 23rd and used it for a long time til it started to rip {insert sad face} so I started to make pillows out of it.  I had a bunch left over and decided to use it for the ironing board.  Love it! Thanks mom!

Have a great weekend!
 Love all the color {are you proud sis~n~law?}
 My two favorites!
 Love the green and pink together
 Terry cloth backing
 New cover :)


  1. Great photos! I loved your choices in fabrics. Will look forward to seeing your creations!

  2. SO cute! So your mom has the craft gene too? No wonder you are so clever!!

  3. By 'neighbor', is there any chance you mean ME??? Please??? I want to feel famous!!