Sunday, January 23, 2011

In The Kitchen

So, I've spent a large chunk of my day so far in the kitchen.  Mr Fix~it made pancakes and eggs this morning...I cleaned up!  If you know him you would know that the clean up takes longer than the cooking and the eating combined!  I love you honey :)

I went the grocery store and when I got home to put the groceries away I noticed that my fridge was looking a little yucky!  So out came the cleaning supplies.  Before I know it it's lunch time for the girls, two different kinds of sandwiches of course (gotta love the polar opposites)  Then I started prepping for tonight's dinner, teryaki chicken...yum!  With all this time spent in the kitchen I thought it would be fun to check out other amazing kitchens.  Here you go... {all pics Country Living}


  1. I love the black door in Kitchen #2. But I've longed my whole life for a black front door!!