Thursday, December 1, 2011

The countdown to christmas is well underway...we are counting down three ways...{yes I said 3}.  

First we have the advent calendar from Ballard {always a favorite...I put chocolates and candy canes in the cubbies and I noticed my mom sneaking piggy bank money in there too :).  Second the hanging paper chain that bird made at preschool {beanie did this the last two years when she was in preschool...they loved ripping the paper off each day!} and lastly I wrapped 24 holiday books {thanks mom for finding most of these!} and each night before bed they will take turns picking out a "present" to unwrap then we cozy up in mommy and daddy's bed and read our christmas book.  This is the first year doing the book countdown and it was a complete hit tonight! 

{my pictures decided to not go in the order I wanted...sorry}


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  1. Gosh, the memories you are making with your girls will be cherished by them for ever and I'm sure passed down to their you so much for being such wonderful parents. m