Monday, November 28, 2011

We got our christmas tree yesterday...usually I'm the one to spot it but this year it was all hubby and he picked out a beaut!  Even though my back hurt like a mother I had to push through for the kids... {and myself too...i love christmas decorating!} I was able to get most everything the house is all cozy colored in red and green...and smells wonderful!
 We have never had a tree with left over fabric I decided to put one turned out so cute...just a little too small.  I will make a larger one for next christmas.  I just couldn't bare spending $90 {or more} on a tree skirt...

 I changed out the "summer" pillow covers into my "christmas~y" pottery barn ones...easy and free :)

 the advent calendar {from ballard designs} is up and already loaded with chocolate goodies waiting to count us down to fun...
 This will be santa's cookie & milk table :)
 The hutch has been a fun addition to never seems to be clean...just keeping it real...
 Stalkings have been hung by the chimney with care and already have a goody in 'em...girls noticed after school today and are going crazy trying to figure out what's in there...
Hope you are finding yourself in the christmas spirit too!
{happy half birthday beanie!}


  1. I'm sorry your back is hurt, Bear :o(
    Your tree skirt is adorable!!

  2. Your tree looks so pretty! I just took my pumpkins down 15 min ago!! I hear ya on the tree skirt cost, but once you buy it, its done! I bought one last year that I LOVE (I did a custom order on etsy). Your tree skirt is darling though so I guess no need to buy one now! (if only I had such skills!)

  3. Your house looks so beautiful and festive, both inside and out! Great job to all of you. Mrs. Santa