Wednesday, November 23, 2011

We have been busy with arts and crafts since being off from school...we have had a couple jammie days too {the best!}  One of the crafts was making paper chains for our christmas tree...the girls and I went to the craft store and picked out a handful of christmas themed paper then I cut into strips and the girls put them together.  It was a great low mess project...and they turned out great!

Happy Thanksgiving!

 We also got a new rug for the kitchen...I love it!  It adds a lot of great color!  {thanks mom!}

 Lucy got shaved again...looks kinda silly right after having it done...looks so much better now after a few days of grow out!  She is sooooo soft...
Hubby must have gotten a hold of the camera...I found this picture this morning while cracks me up!  Gotta love my beanie!


  1. LOVE THE RUG. LOVE LOVE the paper chain! and love lucy's hair cut!! so cute! and i love my beanie!! LOVE EVERYTHING!!! :)

  2. LOVE that chain, how cute is that?!! And the rug is perfect! So cute, Mar!! (I'm so sorry your back is out, wish I could bring you some soup or something!)