Thursday, December 15, 2011

we signed our refinance papers this morning...we are saving approx $240 a month...much appreciated breathing room!  if you are ever in need of a fab mortgage broker...ours is the best hands down!  he is HONEST {not common in the industry} and works hard to make you happy!  this is the second time we have used him and i can say we will never use anyone else!  
Harris Picoult {503} 726-2299

around the house...
 bird and I made spritz cookies...she is such a great help in the kitchen {yes...we do own a brush...doesn't get used much as you can see...}
 last week I decided to take down the hutch piece and create a collage wall.  it's so much brighter and open now...couldn't be happier.  i shouldn't show these since it's not completed but I have no idea when i will get art could be awhile...for the first time ever i'm not going to rush out and get the first thing i see...i want to make sure i get the perfect pieces!  and i'm on the hunt for a great lamp too...i had to steal this one from my desk...and it misses it...
{once i get them filled i will make sure they all get straightened out}
 we went and got birds teacher present at a cute little shop down the street {my mother knows} and i found this cute print in the 50% off is perfect...especially for $11!  

it's beanie, bird, and lucy...i {heart} it!!!  has great meaning for my little girls.  it's made by curly girl designs...i took a look at her blog and found out that her dog's named lucy cute!  be sure to check her out!
you'd think i could clean up a thought wrong...i'm turning over a new leaf...trying to be less concerned with the tidiness of our house...feels kinda good :)

happy thursday!

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  1. First off, I love it all! Secondly, good for you on letting some tidyness go, you are always SO amazing at keeping your house spotless, you deserve a break. :) Miss you, friend. xo