Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter...

Hope you had a great Easter weekend...we did...take a look...
 The girls dyed Easter eggs {not one drop was spilled...amazing!}
 Beautiful bird's little painted wood egg :)
 Beanie being silly...
 Daddy and Beanie's wonderful chalk art :)

 Made fab buttermilk banana bread {will post recipe later}
Bird and I have been fighting a cold so we hung low this weekend...hopefully we are on the mend!


  1. CUTE! We didn't dye eggs this year which is kind of funny because John and I dyed eggs when we were parents. haha. Soon as the babies are old enough we'll dye eggs too.

    On another note...jadaciuk @ Email me please. So I know your email addy. I wanted to link you to this photo class I want to take. Maybe you'd end up wanting to take it with me?

  2. I'm glad the sidewalk art shows that there is an Airstream in your future... that should make Mr. quite happy :)