Thursday, April 21, 2011

Busy day...

This picture totally sum up our day...
 In this picture you can see the pile of dishes {I already ran/unloaded the dishwasher earlier in the does this happen so quickly!?!} I hard boiled a ton of eggs for the girls to dye on Saturday.  You can see the paint brush on the sink, I painted the downstairs "toy room" back to it's original color and removed the last of the's now going to be for storage, vacuums, and cleaning goodies.  There is also a bottle of kids medicine...Beanie has been complaining about a sore throat...poor punkin' thank goodness we didn't have soccer or swimming today!
 Bird fell asleep at 4:30...way too late but whatcha gonna cute!!!
 While bird was napping beanie had some tea and colored...I made dinner and had a glass of wine :)
 random egg shot :)
I exchanged my kitchen clock this week and found this fab blue one...way out of my comfort zone but it's growing on me...color is good!!!

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  1. oh my gosh...what a day! I so hope today is a better one....saw the blue clock bright I almost needed my sunglasses to get past it. Maybe it can be your Easter clock....(: m