Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pardon the off center wonderful sis~n~law is working on my blog playing around with different designs {gosh I love her!} are some pictures from our weekend... we carved a pumpkin, girls went to a birthday/costume party, made yummy chocolate chip cookies, hubby made homemade chicken noodle soup {stock and everything!}, and I have been sewing my little heart out getting ready for the craft fair this Saturday.  I can't believe that it's already here...I'm so excited to see how my sewing does and see if people like it!  Keep your fingers crossed that we do well!

Will keep you posted!
 Driving home Friday I decided to stop by the Grocery Outlet and check their pumpkin prices {we needed a large pumpkin to carve since the little ones the girls got on their field trips were too tiny} my surprise they were super duper cheap...$2.99 for any size pumpkin...and these things were huge.  I will definitely go there again next year!
 You are only able to see the icky side of the pumpkin...the front was perfectly shaped!

 Somewhere I had seen that a drill/hole saw was used to make perfect circles in a hubby being his wonderful self got out the drill and went to town.  It looks wonderful and it was really easy!

 I love my beanie...she can never seem to keep her eyes open when a picture is taken...cracks me up every time!

xo, mar

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