Thursday, October 13, 2011

WARNING...this is a long and random post...

These picture were taken pre~tummy bug...we had no idea that a bad 24 hour flu bug was out there!  So far Bird is the only one who has gotten it...fingers crossed the rest of us will be ok!  
{be sure to wash your hands!}

 Beanie loves her bubble gum!

 I have made a few changes to the craft/guest bedroom.  I have been dying to paint a room a soft shade of the craft room it was!  I took a trip to our local Sherwin Williams {I have tried every brand of paint and hands down they have the best paint...even better than Benjamin Moore!} 

The color I {really Allison} finally decided on was Topsail

I used their new Duration paint and it covered the walls in one coat!  I'm so happy with how it turned out!  
It is my happy space!
 I'm also working on a photo wall above the bed...I purchased a few paint samples while at the paint store {they are giant sample cans...score} I went with colors I would have never dreamed of using {Begonia and Luau Green}...and go figure it is looking amazing!  I had a ton of frames that were just sitting in drawers so it was great to get them out and not have to buy anything!  I just finished the wall last night and all that's left to do is add in some of the girls' art work and photos...then I will show you the final product!

 A few weeks ago Beanie was begging us to put the bunk beds back that the girls are a little older we thought it would be ok.  

They have had so much fun playing and sleeping!  This was a random photo that I had... so I will take a couple better pictures of their finished room...I think it turned out great!


  1. Love all of these pictures...and great, great job on the craft room. Very cozy and comfortable. m

  2. the craft room blue is fab. i may steal it for a piece of furniture i have here! and by the looks of the last blog and this one, i think birdie needs to go into modeling!! :)