Tuesday, August 7, 2012

{our photo session}

My dear friend Molly was in town and took our family pictures a couple weeks ago.  This was the second time she had photographed us and I just can't say enough wonderful things about her!
Take a look...

They are all my favorite!  
Thank you so much Molly for the precious pictures that I will treasurer forever!
Check out Molly's photography site {mollywinnphotography.com}


  1. Great, great, great photos...both Molly's and yours on Monday with the girls...how much better can it get...(:

  2. FABULOUS! What a beautiful family you have.

  3. Maris, you and James and the girls look fantastic. It's been so long since we have seen you. I am shocked at how big those cuties are! They are such beauties!