Sunday, July 15, 2012

{our weekend}

I have been itching to make some changes around the I started with the downstairs half bath.  I bought a quart of Ben Moore Hale Navy and painted over the white vanity.  I love the contrast and color!  I also painted the numbers on the little foot stool...I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

 love the antique mason jar soap pump {available at our "little corner"}
 A dear friend of mine was in town from Texas and we went antiquing last week...found this great metal number "4".  Thanks for a great day Molly :)
 I completed a pillow order {thanks "neighbor Molly"}...they turned out great if I don't say so myself!
 We decided that it is time to paint the interior of the's been 4 years, the builder used cheap paint that is not washable and it's a horrible pinky beige color.  I have been at the paint store countless times searching for the perfect color {I now realize it doesn't exist} but I think I have come close...can you see the difference?  I got a large sample can from Sherwin Williams and had them match Ben Moore Revere's supposed to be the perfect beige/grey color {hubby and I are beige people...we are stepping outside the box adding!}.  I have been painting swatches all over the house...terrified to make a final decision...have another week til the paint goes on sale and a decision has to be made...what do you think?
 {sorry for the grainy pic...I should have used the flash...oops}

I stocked up our little corner at the antique's full to the brim!  
 Have you been in there yet!?!



  1. Love the vanity color...great, great blue. Also, I think you may have stumbled onto the just about perfect color...I think it will work. Wishing you luck....

  2. It was a SUPER fun day! (and I was wondering when I was at your house the other day if the vanity was always blue and I just hadn't noticed?! Ha!). It looks fab and I am LOVING my soap bottle!! Thanks friend! xo