Sunday, July 1, 2012

{facing my fears}

Hi my name is Maris and I'm terrified of birds!  

Here it goes...
While hubby was out of town for work last week my mom, the girls, and I went to the local pet store to take a look at birds {I made sure to get hubby's approval} Let me back up a little...last summer hubby and I spotted an antique bird cage at an antique mall at the coast.  We both fell in love with the look but not the price tag {$125} forward a month later...hubby and I are at a garage sale in town and spot a similar bird cage.  It was our Anniversary so hubby said go ahead and buy it...$25 later we were the new owners of a beautiful antique bird cage!  We really had no intentions of putting a bird in it...just setting it out as an antique.  
Back to last week...
For some reason {I claim temporary insanity} I felt that buying a bird to put in the beautiful cage would be a swell idea...I figured I wouldn't have to hold it or anything...that would be hubby and the girls' fun job. I have always loved the look of birds and their sweet little chirps but for some reason they scare the shit out of could be the unpredictable wing flapping, their boney bodies, their beady little eyes...I could go on...but the girls got so excited with the thought of having a new pet.  So off we went to the bird store...we all fell in love with this little guy...he is a "pocket parrot" and so darn cute!  
Meet Olly...
 Hard working man hands :)
 Ok...this is HUGE for only took me 4 days and many screaming fits running around the house like a crazy person to let Olly onto my finger.  Hubby kept saying your 4 and 6 year old can hold him but you can't...I had to prove that I could do it!
 This is the look of complete concentration and fear...but I did it!  Don't get me wrong...he still scares the poop out of me but at least I can have him on my finger and not be such a big sissy!

 Hubby showing off...clearly he is not scared of birds {i'm so jealous!}

My name is Maris and I'm still a little afraid of birds...



  1. hahahaaa i hope that bird pooped on Jimmy's head. I seriously thought you must be crazy to get a bird knowing your HUGE fear. but Olly has to be the cutest thing ever. how could you not want to cuddle that face? So proud of you to hold him!! yay!

  2. You look absolutely terrified...I can't stop chuckling though. You did it! What great, great photos!

  3. I want to see a picture of him inside his antique bird cage!

  4. This is hilarious! But truth be told, I'm not sad the bird has found another home. :)